Viljandi Nukuteater

Festival 2018

Viljandi  Nukuteater  MA
Lossi  31 ,      71004   Viljandi
Tel:    + 372 43 34295  /  +372 5277129

Dear Puppeteers.

The 22th International Festival of Puppet Theatres “THEATRE IN SUITCASE” will be held in Viljandi May 17th – May 20st  2018.  
There will take place:
* FAIR OF THE PUPPET SHOWS (in case of rain inside)     
* puppet shows in Viljandi Puppet Theatre (theatre has a stationary stage, the measurements of which are following: height - 3.0 m; width - 4.20 m and depth - 3.40 m. Stationary lighting, sound reinforcement system. CD, minidisk and cassette recorder. Voltage 220V) and in the other centres of culture      
* round tables and discussions after the performances      
* exchange experience in work shops      
* friendly suppers where everybody has a possibility to appear

During the Festival every participant will be provided with free accommodation and food. You have free entrance to all performances  and the others concert turning the festival.
The number  of the participants of the troupe is max 5 persons.

Please  notify your recommendation about coming to participate our festival  in 15-th November 2017. Please send to us:
-    video recording of the perfomance (DVD)
-    5 photos, advertising materials: posters and programs
-    summary of the performance
-    short brief  history of the theatre

Festival Commission will select perfomances and inform you until  15 January 2018

With regards
Festival organising committee
Altmar Looris
Chief Director  Viljandi Puppet Theatre